EyeRIS Interactive MultiTouch Whiteboard

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 Based on Cybernetyx’s pioneering Visual Touch technology, EyeRIS gives you the advantage of an extremely powerful Interactive Whiteboard solution. High-speed optical tracking makes it possible to provide a real time writing experience to the user, and making it enjoyable to operate a digital whiteboard.

Visual touch technology deploys an arrangement of high-speed CMOS sensors to track the movement of objects in a three dimensional space. The hardware tracks the motion of the user, and converts them into the signals to be interpreted by the computer and generate a superior experience for the user.

Visual touch technology is far superior than other portable technologies available in the market today like ultrasound-based triangulations, because of the speed of tracking and the multi-touch multi-user features.



And Economical

 While developing EyeRIS, Cybernetyx research mainly focused on creating an extremely cost effective solution for the educational institutes and training centers.

With EyeRIS, you can aim to create a flexible interactive workspace at a fraction of the cost.

Additionally, the cost of maintaining the digital workspace solution is pretty affordable for the institute due to low weight, less logistics, durability, and replacement warranties.




 Unlike other interactive solutions, EyeRIS was created ground-up to support a completely Natural User Interface (NUI). EyeRIS technology supports an unprecedented 255 touch points on the interactive surface at any given time without any apparent loss in response time.

This provides the user an ability to execute smartphone like gestures on the interactive workspace like pinch, zoom, pan, tilt and so on. This not only makes the teaching experience and the presentations fun and more interesting, but also


Real Time

Writing Experience

 A lot of users of traditional interactive whiteboard solutions complain about the writing quality of the digital screen. Based on its cutting-edge smooth writing algorithms, EyeRIS offers a pleasant writing experience to the users, which makes the use of digital workspace more fun and life-like.




 Despite its simplified form, EyeRIS provides you an unprecedented interactivity, features and tools for creating your own Digital Workspace.

It’s like having an interactive whiteboard solution on steroids.

Not only does it give you industry’s largest surface area of beyond 160”, but also an unmatched 255 simultaneous points Multi-touch Multi-user experience, fastest response time, and extraordinary cost-effectiveness.

This is the solution you’ve been waiting for.