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Audio Visual Products and AV Integration

Covering the whole spectrum of the Audio Visual Scene, Pixeltone offers the most advanced and up-to-date products, as well as top of the line, quality services, from the latest available technology



Since being established in 2000, Pixeltone has been known for an unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction. It’s this standard of excellence that has provided the impetus for us to grow into the Audio Visual business we are today.

As the country's leading Audio-Visual provider, we link a selection of products and  accessories to the market by eing a wholesale distributor, marketing arm and service and systems integrator.  Integrating all of these products require both expertise and dedication to the customer needs.   

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Pixeltone Products and Service

Audio Visual Supplies Equipment and Services


AV Products Sales

The increased usage of select audiovisual technologies in key market segments is behind the growth of Pixeltone. Beyond its top markets (business/corporate, colleges/universities, and government/military), AV technology is making significant gains in other arenas.

Installation and Integration Services

 In almost every company, there has never been a greater need for professionally designed, installed and produced AV presentation and communications systems.  By virtue of training and experience, Pixeltone AV professionals understand and work with the complexities of IT systems and networked environments. Our involvement early in a project helps to guarantee that the in-house technical staff will know how to proceed without having to expend time and energy.

AV Design and Consultancy

Designing is the  art of translating what the end-user needs into documents that show how it is to be built. The process of audiovisual design will be conducted during the overall design phase of a new building, or independently as an AV-driven process for the renovation of an existing facility. In either case, the necessary design documents are produced to communicate to the AV installation team what the owner needs (and wants) in terms of systems and infrastructure.




Display Product

A common AV task is to support many applications in the display of images or information needed. Pixeltone's task is to establish the parameters of the image display, the number of images needed at one time, the resolution of the images to be displayed, the type of video sources to be displayed, and the aspect ratio of the images. These parameters feed into the design process to determine both the facility equipment (display size, room size, room configuration, and lighting, for instance) and the system requirements (e.g., type and brightness of projector, number of inputs and video switching requirements).  Predominant types of Dispaly Products are PROJECTORS, LCD/LED MONITORS, VIDEO WALLS and LED WALL


Audio System

Pixeltone's objective is to provide you an effective sound system that produces a high-quality reproduction of sound.   In order to eliminate a lower quality sound produced by inexpensive audio equipment, or the inferior quality of sound reproduction, a good sound system can be a combination of speakers microphonessignal processorsamplifiers, and loudspeakers  all controlled by a mixing console that makes live or pre-recorded sounds louder and may also distribute those sounds to a larger or more distant audience.


Control System
A/V Interfaces
Switching Solutions

Keeping things simple is key. Pixeltone provides your users a simple interfacing to the display, sound system , curtains and lights.  Users simply come to present and if we are giving them full control, it makes their lives easier.   Users want an interface where they don't need any training on the system and can use it immediately.


Collaboration and Digital Conferencing

Corporate workplace technology is now collaborative, enabling instant communication and decision-making.  Collaborating team members can share information instantly across the globe from their desktops or via their mobile devices. Pixeltone provides you the  latest AV Collaboration technology that will drive global productivity and economic growth since it will deliver a genuinely immersive meeting experience.  

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